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At Luxion Media, we are always on the hunt for talented marketers. We are looking for people who are passionate about marketing and committed to continuously learning and improving. We work with some of the top brands in Australia, across all industries, so there will never be a dull moment working for Luxion!


Luxion Media (luxion.com.au) Luxion Media 是一家全方位服务的数字营销机构。 Luxion Media对全球诸多一线品牌提供过服务,并保持着良好的关系。从奢华汽车品牌到足球俱乐部,从酒店集团到餐饮单位,涵盖了各行各业。


Luxion Media的优势: 我们专注于本地社交媒体推广,线下高端活动策划,并结合采用最新的视频影音创作技术,配合我们多年的网站搭建和搜索引擎行销经验,把我们为客户原创的内容,进行最大化的市场推广。


Luxion Media的理: 我们一直致力于搭建一个帮助澳洲市场的本地品牌拓展华人市场,同时帮助华人品牌打开本地市场的双向桥梁。



– Hilton

– Pier One

– Ferrari

– Maserati

– McLaren

– Linneys

– Sydney FC


Current Opportunities

Marketing Assistant

We are currently looking for talented Chinese marketer who have the following skills:

– WeChat management experience

– Great Chinese content writing skills

– Knowledge of various Chinese marketing platforms and strategies

– Willingness to learn, improve and achieve amazing results for awesome clients

– Knowledge of local social media platforms such Facebook and Instagram will be ideal, but not essential


Your job will be:

– Managing content for our clients on WeChat

– Helping with content creation for various client campaigns

– Joining in client meeting and team brainstorm sessions


Job Details:

– Competitive pay

– Part Time (3 days a week, with potential full-time after 3 months)



– 微信账号运营经验,个人账号/官方账号/服务号/订阅号 (需要您提供Resume的同时提供个人社交媒体账号的资料)
– 专业娴熟的中文写作技巧(需要您提供Resume的同时提供Portfolio)
– 对中文社交平台,尤其是微信有比较深刻的研究和认识,并有自己的想法与运营思维
– 对最新社交媒体运用技术拥有极高的热情,愿意学习进取
– 对本地社交媒体有了解并且有使用经验,Facebook & Instagram (不是必须条件)



– 帮助多个高端奢侈品品牌客户运营官方微信账号
– 为客户撰写和编辑多媒体内容(文字,图片,影音)
– 与团队协作讨论拓展思维



– 单反摄影(DSL Photo shooting skills)

– 运用Photoshop,Lightroom,Adobe Illustrator 等使用技术 (Able to use Photoshop, Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator)

– 网站搭建经验 (Web build skills)

– 平面设计 (Graphic Design)

– 美术创作 (Drawing skills)


If you are interested in this job, please send your resume and CV to info@luxion.com.au

Wordpress Developer

We are currently looking for talented WordPress developer who have the following skills:
– Experienced wordpress developer with an eye for great design and usability
– Good PHP and CSS knowledge will be ideal
Your job will be:
– Assisting with client website creation
– Helping maintain existing client websites
Job Details:
– Competitive pay
– Part Time (3 days a week, with potential full-time after 3 months)
If you are interested in this job, please send your resume and CV to info@luxion.com.au

Work for our Clients 服务于我们的客户

Luxion Media works with many clients interested in the Chinese Market (both in China and locally), as a result we get numerous requests from our clients and partners, asking our recommendations for Chinese speaking staff.

Luxion Media 的众多澳洲本土和华人客户希望由我们介绍合适的会讲中文的员工,以服务本地的华人市场。


Examples includes 例如:

  • Retail Assistants at top luxury retailers 奢华品牌零售商的销售人员
  • Chinese speaking translators and interpreters 熟练中英文写作/口语翻译的员工
  • Sales staff as prestige automotive dealers 豪华车行销售员
  • Customer support staff 客户经理助理
  • Admin and receptionist roles 前台


Leave your details with Luxion Careers, and we will reach out to you if there are any opportunities. 请留下您的基本资料,如有合适的机会,我们会第一时间联系您。

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