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So you are interested in Chinese marketing, but don’t know where to start? Why not look through some of the most successful Chinese marketing campaigns over the last few years on every platform from Weibo, to WeChat, to Live Streaming.


These case studies showcase what great brands can achieve with clever marketing. We hope these case studies inspire you to your own Chinese marketing success. We will be constantly updating with new case studies, so stay tuned!

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China’s Golden Week Case Study Series: Coach

For China’s golden week (from October 1 through to 8), many brands have taken this public holiday as an opportunity to capture the attention of Chinese consumers. For the next 6 days, we will be looking at the different brands that have implemented campaigns over…

China’s Golden Week Case Study Series: Hugo Boss

For China’s golden week (from October 1 through to 8), many brands have taken this public holiday as an opportunity to capture the attention of Chinese consumers. For the next 6 days, we will be looking at the different brands that have implemented campaigns over…

Givenchy uses KOL Xu Weizhou for Mother’s Day Campaign

Designer Fashion brand Givenchy decided to go with a different approach than other luxury brands during this year’s Mother’s Day. Instead of focusing their efforts through brand-customer interaction, they opted for the usage of Chinese actor Xu Weizhou, a KOL who is especially popular among millennials.

Swarovski uses KOLs and WeChat’s Mini Program feature to celebrate Mothers Day

Swarovski’s Mother’s Day campaign invited celebrities and KOLs to send wishes to their mothers and also explain why Swarovski’s products make the perfect gift to WeChat users.

Furla’s Mother’s Day campaign lets WeChat users play around with Customised Stickers

Furla launched a photo-sharing campaign for Mother’s Day. They emphasised upon the social potential of the campaign; offering the option for users to add customised stickers that could be uploaded within its own HTML5 page.

Clarins uses O2O “Speak Out Your Love” Campaign to Encourage Family Interaction

Clarins, a luxury skincare brand, launched its “Speak Out Your Love” campaign on May 10.

Coach launches photo-sharing contest for Mother’s Day

On May 8, to prepare followers for Mother’s Day, Coach launched a photo-sharing campaign where participants would be able to upload photos with their mothers on WeChat to get entered into a contest for a free handbag.

Bundesliga invites Chinese fans to submit their ultimate football dreams

As part of the Bundesliga Dream campaign, the German football league invites Chinese fans to submit their ultimate football dreams, as part of the brand’s ongoing strategy to reach 500 million football fans in China.

How NY Real Estate Agent was able to sell $13 million dollars worth of property because of WeChat

In April 2014, a New York real estate agent scored a $13 million dollar sale by using WeChat to communicate with her customer. Yue (Emma) Hao received a message through WeChat from a Shanghai-based investor who was interested in a property at the Baccarat Residences in New York.

BMW uses click-bait strategy to attract 100,000 page views in just 2 hours

The BMW M2 campaign was released to showcase the brand’s latest model at the time, and went viral for a couple of reasons.

Fenda’s Q&A platform engages celebrities, investors and other experts

Fenda is a WeChat-based Q&A platform. 24 days after its launch in the middle of May 2 years ago, it had finished its series A funding round with a 100 million valuation.

Forbidden City brings history to life on WeChat to promote competition

Luxury jewelry brand, Forbidden City in collaboration with the WeChat team promotes Next Idea, a creativity competition by bringing history to life. The campaign takes an ancient painting of Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and places a humorous twist on it.

Clinique uses retro mobile game to promote its ‘Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimiser’ product

An app that many of us will remember is the Nokia mobile phone game Snake. Though it may have had its heyday in the 1990s, Clinique (American skincare brand) has launched an interactive mobile campaign in which followers can relive the simple, yet addictive fun they had in the past!

SK-II creates a video about “left over women” in China, generating more than 250,000 hits on Youtube

A new ad campaign by luxury cosmetics brand SK-II addresses a social issue in China that doesn’t receive as much attention as it should in the country’s commercial scene: the plight of “left over women”, or sheng nu…

Ogilvy launches PSA campaign to take down Shark Fin soup as a luxury delicacy

For a long time, shark fin soup has been regarded as an invaluable delicacy on the menus at fancy banquets and weddings in China. Renowned for its status as a ‘rich man’s food’, it is an obligatory dish for anybody with a bit of money to throw around, to try.

WeChat launches gold-gift exchange event for Valentine’s Day

Though buying your partner flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day may be the traditional way to show affection, Tencent is offering users something different. On Valentine’s Day this year, Tencent’s WeChat debuted its gold gift-exchange feature, allowing millions of users on the messaging app to send virtual gold packets to friends and loved ones.

Cartier launches Valentine’s Day campaign using bellboys and flowers

From February 6 through Valentine’s Day, 150 specially designed limited edition “rose gold love bracelets” were available exclusively on Cartier’s WeChat online store: We-Boutique.

Furla ‘Perfect Match’ Campaign Engages Handbag Lovers with opportunity to win a bag

Furla’s ‘Perfect Match’ contest called on its fans around the globe to send in photos of themselves showing off their Furla style.

Michael Kors uses WeChat to showcase collection, and host selfie competition

Through its WeChat platform, Michael Kors teamed up with Grazia China to create a digital editorial spread called Chic Together, which features five pairs of female Chinese personalities sporting bags and shoes form the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Montblanc Uses Interactive History Lesson In WeChat to teach followers about its legacy

Montblanc has taken the pen, a 20th-century writing utensil, to the digital world through its latest interactice WeChat campaign. The Swiss luxury maker provides users with their brand story, starting out with a short history lesson on art and ending with a showcase of its heritage collection.

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