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China’s Golden Week Case Study Series: Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss has been a brand that has successfully won the ‘king status’ this week. So why is that? During the golden week, the German fashion brand uploaded three consecutive WeChat posts, racking up a total of 6,048 views. The posts introduced popular destinations, informing readers of store locations and also provided info about discounts and special offers.



Hugo Boss shows that they understand their audience, and also gives value through these posts. Let’s take a look at just how they did that:


  • Hugo Boss’s WeChat posts highlights specific sale information regarding discounts, something that their followers will appreciate.


  • In the posts, they state “some full-price stores will enjoy off-duty price”, playing into the (quite valid) idea of Chinese shoppers loving a good discount. And the end of each post, Hugo Boss also encourages the readers to share the discount information with their friends and family.


  • In the post introducing various European destinations, they wrote “I believe you have already made a travel plan for the Golden Week. If Europe happens to be your destination, you should click ‘read more’ below to receive the exclusive gifts at our retail stores upon your visit.” while also listing store addresses and popular tourist spots nearby.


Hugo Boss not only manages to indirectly increase foot traffic and overall sales for themselves, but acts as a helpful source of information for their consumer base, by providing them with valuable information about the best discounts and offers at different areas; something that brands can learn from. Tomorrow we will be talking about a brand that has NOT done this, during China’s golden week. Stay tuned!


Source: Jingdaily