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China’s Golden Week Case Study Series: Stuart Weitzman


Stuart Weitzman celebrates the Golden Week holiday through a post that would show off a series of styles featuring four different types of footwear, each for a different vacation mood. The post was published a week before the holiday and the brand had linked it to its own Chinese e-commerce site.



The problem with this however was that, while the brand’s post was visually appealing, it did not actually offer any real value to the average holidaygoer. While brand posts like Hugo Boss and Coach’s WeChat campaigns during China’s Golden Week would offer value through gifts and rewards as a thank you for support, Stuart Weitzman’s WeChat campaign simply showcased a set of products that were semi-related to the holiday.


The second issue was that the campaign did not offer any information about the physical stores, which kills the possibility for Chinese consumers to purchase the aforementioned shoes at an offline location during the trip.



Overall the campaign did not have as much success as it potentially could have had, racking up only 10,758 Pageviews and 40 likes.