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Forbidden City brings history to life on WeChat to promote competition

Luxury jewelry brand, Forbidden City in collaboration with the WeChat team promotes Next Idea, a creativity competition by bringing history to life. The campaign takes an ancient painting of Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and places a humorous twist on it.


In it, the emperor comes to life and begins interacting: singing rap, taking funny selfies and posting on his WeChat Moments. In just hours it went viral on WeChat, with the QQ emoji that was mentioned during the campaign hitting 800 million downloads within just two days.


So why was it such a big hit?


Besides the creative combination of modern and ancient art and the catchy music, the campaign has a clear structure. It targets the right audience, a young and creative crowd: game developers, smart hardware designers, emoji artists, dancers, graphic designers and even cartoon artists.


It also has a clear call to action. Emperor Zhu takes the audience through several features of WeChat (WeChat Moments, short video and WeChat Moments) and QQ (QQ emojis, QQ mail, video feature), and ultimately directing them to the Next Idea website.


Source: WalkTheChat

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