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How Montblanc reached over 10 million people with ‘Mystic Moon Phase Campaign’

An Introduction:


Montblanc is a luxury Swiss brand that was founded in 1906. Though many know the company for their luxury pens, Montblanc has developed quite a reputation for quality and craftsmanship in their watches — the first of which debuted in 1977.


Montblanc products are sold through selected retailers, jewelers, and through about 360 Montblanc Boutiques worldwide. It has been concentrating on maintaining a strong presence in China, where is operates more than 90 boutiques.


WeChat Strategy For Success:


In 2015, Montblanc launched the ‘Mystic Moon Phase Campaign’ in order to promote their new Bohème and Heritage luxury watch collection. Although with many luxury watch brands promoting a ‘moon phase’ feature, it has been increasingly difficult for Montblanc to find a unique point of differentiation and attract consumers with the same feature.


  • By using the fact that WeChat had nearly 400 million monthly active users at the time (with the majority of users based in China) to connect with their Chinese audience’s interest in the lunar cycle, Montblanc was able to overcome this issue.


The campaign launched in November 2014, combining both moon phase complications and lunar shifts in real-time. It included a creative and stunning WeChat QR code feature of the lunar cycle.


  • Upon scanning, consumers were asked to enter their gender and date of birth. The campaign then automatically generates a report on how the user’s birth moon cycle resonates with their personality, interrelationships, hobbies, and career.
  • The application also allowed consumers to share with their circle of friends, one’s personal moon phase report.
  • Though the campaign used WeChat as its primary platform, Montblanc’s hashtag created for the campaign on Weibo reached over 10 million hits.


The well-rounded and multidimensional nature of WeChat, in conjunction with WeChat’s large Chinese customer base, led to the great success of the campaign. Since the lunar cycle is so important and prevailing amongst Chinese culture, MontBlanc tapped directly into the wants, interests, and relevance of Chinese consumers.


MontBlanc provided more than simply a marketing campaign, but instead an enjoyable and educational digital experience.



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