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Zoomspeed Car Wash Launch Party

Zoomspeed Car Wash Launch Party

Event: The grand opening of the Zoomspeed Car Wash & Cafe. This was a high-end event featuring more than 200 VIP Guests and over $5 million worth of super cars on display. There was a burnout show, music, dancers, dj and games to keep guests entertained.

Marketing: The event was heavily promoted through Chinese social media before the event. During the event, there was a huge amount of social media coverage, from people sharing photos via WeChat, to live streaming to thousands of viewers. Following the event, with all the professional photos and videos produced, we created a series of promotional posts via WeChat, resulting in thousands of views and additional exposure for the business.

Results: The event resulted in an immediate increase in business for the car wash. There was also great exposure for the business in the local community, as everybody who drove past on the day would have noticed the party and all the super cars parked outside.


Event, Photography, Social Media, Video