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China’s Golden Week Case Study Series: Furla


So what has Furla been doing that has proven successful? Let’s take a look!


Using the knowledge of their consumer’s travel habits, Furla was able to set up a campaign whereby they could engage with them. They would ask followers to send their Furla style during their holiday trip. Participants that did so would then be rewarded and for those that made purchases over 3,000 RMB (about $580 AUD) either online or offline, would receive a small exclusive keychain.


The followers can also gain access to a list of Furla’s nearby stores by messaging their travel destinations to the brand’s WeChat Account.



What was it that made this campaign so successful, garnering them over 11,000 views, along with hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue? The luxury brand showed that they cared about the lives of their followers, and gave these followers a medium in which they would be able to showcase their fashion style and emotions to the world. This helps strengthen the bond between brand and buyer, and makes the latter feel appreciated and valued.