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Chinese Web Design & Development


Our Chinese website design is user centric, based on our experience and understanding of Chinese UX and users’ online behaviour. We create solid information architecture and provide compelling and intuitive web design. We help you to create the perfect balance between a design that represents your global brand proposition and also embed elements to meet Chinese people’s preference.


Luxion designs, develop, tests and maintains brand websites that combine exquisite visuals with the form and function expected by your target audience in China. We follow a mobile-first development strategy, crafting sites to the mobile-first habits of our target consumers and specialise in creating user-friendly, responsive interfaces.


We also take into consideration the Chinese web browser preferences and settings, as it is significantly different from the west. We ensure the website is optimised for not only desktop computers, but also for smartphones, tablets etc.




    We offer WordPress hosting in Australia, which is great place to springboard your company website into China.


    Have an existing website which needs a redesign, or new to the world of the web? Either way we have a dedicated team well practiced in identifying your particular reasons for using a website to get better results for your business.


    WordPress is used to power more than a fifth of the web. Why? Because its very quick and easy to change content after the website is built. With this in mind, we can create a beautiful site for you that you can easily adjust at a later date, with very little to no previous experience.


    Screens come in different shapes and sizes these days. We use responsive themes that detect the device someone is using to view your website and change the layout accordingly. This means that every single person that looks at your website sees the design of the site perfectly.


    Sometimes you know what you want, but you don’t know how you’re going to get there. Maybe you don’t know the options, or what the best fit is for your project. A consultation can be as simple as a 30 minute conversation to get you up and running, or it could be that you need more regular advice from one of our experts here at Luxion. Either way, we’re well prepared to get you from where you are now, to a completed project that solves your problems and helps you run your business more smoothly.


    If you want to get more hands on and make changes to content yourself- no problem. We may need to run you through some simple training to help you get started. Don’t worry, you can learn enough to make essential changes to your site in hours, not days!


    Something’s changed, but you don’t want a redesign? No problem, we are continuously updating best practices to stay current with all the changes happening in tech today. If your site is more than 2 years old it may be worth a quick analysis to see if it is keeping up with the competition and the large number of recent developments, especially relating to website speed, security and search engine optimisation.

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