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4 Luxury Brands and their Awesome 2018 CNY Collections that You Can Draw Inspiration From


The Chinese New Year AKA the Largest Human Migration

Deemed as the largest human migration every year, 2018’s Year of the Dog festive season will be no exception.


From Perth expecting as much as 10,000 tourists coming into the city in the festive week along, to other places across the world like Canada expecting tourism say of over 24 days, or London predicting a spend of $32 mil. in certain precincts (14.3% growth from the previous year), it is safe to say that if anything, 2018 will be the biggest year of tourism yet during these next weeks.


With China’s importance continuing to grow immensely within the coming weeks, various international labels have taken the initiative and released festive collections to capitalise on the season. Here are 4 awesome Year of the Dog collections that you can draw inspiration from — OR just get excited for!



Gucci revealed their latest collection, celebrating the Chinese New Year. Gucci designer Alessandro Michele has always had a penchant for incorporating animal prints or elements in his designs for Gucci. In light of the Year of the Dog, he has gone above and beyond in these pup-inspired garments and accessories that actually features his two Boston terriers, Bosco and Orso.





Bottega Veneta

For 2018’s CNY, Bottega Veneta does not disappoint with a range of wallets and pouches, phone cases and key holders. These canine-inspired designs feature various dog breeds in conjunction with great color themes. The result is a product range that will guarantee just about any shopper will be able to find something suitable.




Dolce & Gabbana

To usher in the festivities, Italian luxury fashion label, Dolce & Gabbana, released a special collection dedicated to the man’s best friend. From shirts, hoodies, jackets, trousers and accessories, the entire range features dog prints and embellishments. The collection offers a wide selection of designs for babies, toddlers and dog lovers alike, with colours such as blue, red and white dominating the collection (with a particular focus on red, the festive colour)





Louis Vuitton

Celebrate the year of the dog with these adorable accessories from Louis Vuitton.

By creating a cartoon canine mascot — based on the Japanese Shiba Inu breed — for Chinese New Year, French luxury giant, Louis Vuitton created a range of pup-inspired collection perfect for the festivities. From bags to key holders and jewelry, the range offers an adorable solution to jazz up outfits this year.