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WeChat Launches a Mini Program for WeChat Official Account Backends

Mini program emulates Official Account backend

WeChat launched a mini program to emulate the Official Account backend for mobile devices in their iOS 6.6.7 Update. The mini program named  公众平台助手 is similar to the iOS Official Account app (released in the same update), More importantly, they both allow managers to access their Official Accounts and answer messages on the go.


There are two key differences however: as it is a mini program, it will be a feature of the central WeChat app itself, retaining the convenience that users know and love (and of course, allowing users of any device to access). However, unlike the iOS app, the mini program backend will not allow users to edit articles.


Tencent releases WeChat Mini Program to support OA Backend

Tencent releases WeChat Mini Program to support OA Backend


How will this change businesses

 This change will make it significantly easier for brands to keep up with the comment and message traffic that is coming in. The ability to maintain contact with followers on mobile devices will be most notable. Important messages will have timely responses and brand-user interaction will be higher than ever before due to this mini program.