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China’s Awakened Generation Series, Who Are They? Part Two

What is the ‘Awakened Generation’?

In an exclusive report done by Jing Daily in collaboration with RTG Consulting, they look at youths of the university age range that are  ‘connected, curious, conscientious’. While the alliteration is nice, what more do we know specifically about these young Chinese?


From the report we gather that they are tech-savvy (having grown up with the internet), and more importantly they understand the importance and potency of accessing the world outside of China.


Understanding this Demographic

The report conducted consisted of in-depth conversations with 70 Gen-Y and Gen-Z Chinese in top tier cities, with a smartphone survey of an additional 1,000 respondents also been used to supplement gathered information.


From the interviews and studies, four factors have been noted that are ‘crucial to understanding the demographic’. For this series, we will be looking at each four of these points, as to gain a wider idea of who or what the ‘Awakened Generation’ are and the exciting possibilities for your brand.


Travel and Leisure

“Modern, young Chinese are light years ahead of their parents, looking not only to see more of the world, but experience it fully and authentically. Desire to consume is not their primary driver – it’s their desire to fully immerse themselves in something different.”


The study basis the significance of the ‘Awakened Generation’ upon three aspects which they list as: Culture Hunt, Living Spirituality and Live Experiences.


In relation to Culture Hunt, they state that this demographic is hunting new, authentic and sensorial experiences. The ‘Awakened Generation’ prefers travelling off the beaten path. For example, one section that is similar to this demographic is China’s Free Independent Travelers (FIT), who are made up of mostly millennials, and are young, well-educated and relatively affluent. Chinese FIT travel to immerse in relaxation (56%), enjoy nature, culture and history (47%), and lastly to shop (42%).



Furthermore, Chinese youths nowadays are also travelling for something more; to find themselves spiritually. “Another Me in this World” is a CCTV documentary television show about a young Chinese man, Yang Fan, who goes to find other people with the same birthday. Together, they become travel companions, riding their motorcycles around the world. The show has been critically acclaimed a sa collectie portrait of a post-90s generation seeking a more poetic way of living.



Technology also serves a large role alongside leisure seeking, most notably live streaming. Livestream emerged out of obscurity in 2016 to become the new mainstream, and luxury brands are using the new platform to engage younger, more connected consumers. When Kris Wu showcased Bulgari watches, the livestream event attracted 24.8 million views!


Ultimately, the Awakened Generation are looking to invest in immersive and sensorial experiences along with promoting greater self-awareness and awakening to nature. This is all the while with them staying ahead of emerging tech. Brands should double down on livestreaming and showcasing of other emerging technology where possible.