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Chinese Social Media


An effective Chinese social media marketing campaign allows you to build a relationship between you and your customers, but also to drive direct engagement to your products and services.


China has 688 million internet users, the largest in the world. Over 90% of internet users in China are using mobile phones to access the internet, and an average Chinese internet user spends over 2 hours online  – Chinese netizens are very sociable. WeChat marketing accounts for 75.3% of the over mobile marketing.


The Chinese social media landscape is very different from the west. There are 6 different types of social media network :


– Instant messenger:  QQ, Wechat, Momo etc.

– Social portals: Weibo, Qzone,RenRen etc.

– Photo/video based social network: MeiPai, MiaoPai etc.

– Forum based: Douban Baidu Tieba, Zhihu etc.

– Dating websites: Jiayuan.com ,58 Jiaoyou etc.

– Professional social networking sites: Linkedin, Maimai etc.




Recent Chinese Social Media Projects