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3 of the MOST Amazing Tourist Destinations that Chinese Tourists Will Be Eager To Visit In 2018!


The first place that we will be looking at on this list will be Bhutan. While it remains a place that many are unaware of, there is one fact that any tourist learning of it will not deny: it is the type of place you’d want to visit at least once in your lifetime. Located in the Himalayas, nestled between India and China, this little kingdom remains seemingly untouched by the passage of time.



Regarded as the ‘Switzerland of Asia’, Bhutan is a place where progress is not measured by GDP, but in “Gross National Happiness”, and it backs this up by being consistently ranked the happiest country within Asia. Worldwide, it holds the eighth spot. Impressive for this relatively low-profile kingdom. Not only this, but this is a country where people are always donned in remarkable outfits (namely the national gho and kira), where tobacco is illegal while marijuana grows wildly and where archery remains the national sport.



Finally, Bhutan has held so strong to it’s origins and traditions that only in 2018 is it about to launch its first satellite. You heard right, it’s first — in contrast, the U.S has over 600 orbiting the globe  already. With the era of technological advancement that is upon us, and the ability of Bhutan to remain touched by it so minimally… 2018 will be as good of a year as any for curious travelers to experience a traditional and less technology-driven world.






Chile is not remotely close to being the small kingdom known as Bhutan. On the contrary, Chile has been and remains one of the more popular tourist destinations, albeit with a hefty cost to get there. However that is exactly why it is in this list!



With the Chinese middle class larger than its ever been, and a massive audience of younger Chinese millenials looking for the most exhilarating experiences possible, Chile without doubt will be one of, if not the most favored destination among the affluent Chinese. Also with new direct flights from London and Melbourne, it will be easier than ever to reach. Being a country filled with delights and experiences for people of all ages, it is a perfect candidate for businesses to focus on in 2018.



Chile boasts some of the best places nature has to offer: whether it be hot springs, lagoons, geyser fields or its mystic Atacama Desert. And for travelers that prefer more of a city environment? Chile has them covered with its capital, Santiago,  a place brimming with attractions from affordable yet high quality restaurants, funky hip bars, to a plethora of music venues attracting the very best musicians from across the country.






Similar to Bhutang, Alaska is the type of place where you can without hesitation switch your phone off, and just reconnect with real life. Alaska is located northwest of Canada and separated from Asia by the Bering Strait, and is relatively remote. It’s unspoilt countryside is the ideal landscape for exploration, and as we know, the Chinese millennials that have been traveling the globe are all about exploring new and exciting places.



Deemed as the largest and at the same time most sparsely populated U.S state, when tourists visit Alaska they will not be searching for the best dining bar or local pub. Instead, the excitement will be focused on the wonderful wilderness that Alaska offers. Fun fact, with a landmass of 586,412 square miles, Alaska only has 12 numbered highways.  This means most of Alaska is wilderness – untamed, untouched. A feat that tourists will not find anywhere else.



With the vast wilderness having remained untouched for the most part, there is an abundance of wildlife. From moose, to orca, to an impressive assortment of bears including the Kokiak Brown Bear, that lives on Alaska’s largest island (named Kodiak). That’s not all either. Tourists can head to Haines, in which they will find the world’s greatest concentration of bald eagles.



Along with the wildlife, tourists will also be spoilt with the majestic landscapes that they will find themselves in. Whether it is the lush greens of the Tongass National Forest where travelers will be able to see firsthand Earth’s largest remaining temperate rain forest; or the gloriousdeep whites, blues and blacks of Alaska’s colder areas, where its snowy mountainscape and captivating crystalline glaciers will be sure to leave anybody spellbound and entranced.