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Chinese Tourism Marketing


With over a third of Chinese travellers now booking their itineraries independently, online research and IWOM has become the key source of influence on consumers choosing destinations, leisure activities and sightseeing.


Luxion’s unique position in the China-Australia market affords us unprecedented knowledge of the unique habits of Chinese travellers. We leverage this knowledge to create content strategies that resonate and drive preference.


In addition to Chinese social media initiatives we also offer online reputation management on leading Chinese travel review sites. Combined with an unparalleled network of travel sector media partners, we are ideally positioned to put our client’s destinations in front of the right target market online.


Our offerings encompass a full suite of China communications strategies for:


  • Hotels and resorts
  • Cities
  • Regional tourist boards
  • Tourist attractions and destinations



How To Get More Chinese Tourists

  • China Tourism Digital Strategy

    Chinese travellers have become the strongest source of growth in the outbound travel market. All eyes are on China and the competition to attract Chinese tourists is intensifying.


    In order to stand out, Australian brands need to develop a sound digital strategy for the local market. To complicate things, consumer behaviour and the online travel industry itself are constantly evolving, requiring brands to quickly adapt their strategies.


    At Luxion, we help clients gain understanding of the Chinese market and subsequently plan and execute multi-channel digital strategies to achieve their goals. Our experience and industry knowledge ensure that brands capture and engage consumers across all stages of the digital journey.


    • Digital strategy planning and execution
    • Chinese outbound travel consumer profiling
    • Chinese outbound travel trends
    • Insights in China digital and social media landscape
    • Market entry planning and competitive analysis
  • Tourism Social Media & Campaigns

    Chinese netizens are among the most enthusiastic adopters of social media, with over 629 million social media accounts as of July 2016.


    To accelerate social media visibility, brands can create integrated campaigns involving travel Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), online and offline promotional strategies, games and contests for maximum effect.


    Social media is an ideal platform for brands to establish a long term relationship with customers, developing strong loyalty marketing programs, which extend beyond a single vacation. Our social media and marketing team here at Luxion provides turnkey solutions and can advise on best practices based on objectives and budgets.


    • WeChat, Weibo, Youku and more
    • Travel KOLs engagement
    • Integrated campaign execution
    • Reputation management
    • Content marketing
    • Media planning & buying
  • Tourism Technology & Creativity

    According to Google and London based start-up Triptease, it only takes a user 50 milliseconds to judge a website, with up to 94% of people having abandoned a hotel booking website because of a poor user experience. For Australian companies seeking to establish a presence in China, having a professionally translated website, hosted locally with integrated Chinese social media to ensure a smooth browsing experience is essential.


    Our in-house team of software developers and system engineers are experts in designing and developing localized websites that appeal to Chinese audiences and are supported by powerful Content Management Systems, and with 89% of Chinese netizens are accessing the internet on their smartphones, the need for mobile responsive design for websites and campaigns is higher than ever before.


    Our marketing strategies are executed by a strong creative team ensuring originality and aesthetical appeal. All of our initiatives are supported by bespoke technical solutions, ranging from HTML5 campaigns, iBeacons for offline to online (O2O) marketing, through to WeChat applications and connectivity to Chinese OTAs.


    • Web development and localization
    • Custom Management System (CMS) Development
    • Mobile development and app distribution
    • Booking engine integration
    • iBeacon based solutions
  • Tourism Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

    Effective digital marketing strategies should always begin with a sturdy approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), followed by further marketing activities such as Search Engine PPC advertising, CPM advertising and Cost per Action (CPA) campaigns.


    With the advent of mobile as the dominant platform for accessing the internet in China, small form factor design and development are becoming less of an afterthought and more of a necessity when thinking digital. Online bookings are also seeing amazing growth, with 80% of Chinese travellers having gone online to plan and book their trip in 2014.


    Managing your online footprint and establishing proper e-commerce facilities is difficult, but will ensure consumers are never more than just a few clicks away from finding your brand online and making a transaction.


    • Search engine optimisation
    • Baidu PPC services
    • Email marketing
    • E-commerce and online payment solutions
    • Agent training and incentive solutions