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3 Things About WeChat That You Might Not Know


WeChat has been a recurring topic of interest for marketers trying to access the Chinese market. With over 818 million monthly active users, its not hard to see why. For a business to develop better wechat marketing strategies for greater results, understanding and knowledge is crucial. This article will take you through 5 things about WeChat that you may not yet know!


WeChat has nearly just as much Daily users as they do Monthly?


Considering WeChat’s daily active users rose to 768 million as of September 2016, this indicates that almost 95% of their monthly user base log in on a consistent basis. But what good is a high number of logins, if these users only stay on for 5 to 10 minutes — equivalent to a office bathroom break?


  • In reality, the time actually spent on this platform should have marketers relieved and excited. Recent numbers indicate that most daily users on WeChat spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 4+ hours a day using the app.
  • 54% of WeChat users actually spend AT LEAST an hour, with 32% accounting for 2 to over 4 hours!



WeChat users aren’t just in China


Though WeChat is primarily a tool used to market towards the Chinese market, it’s general ease of accessibility and range of functions has led it to becoming a valuable networking platform worldwide.


  • Business Insider shows that WeChat users living outside of the mainland of China topped out at around 70 million in April last year.
  • If you’re targeting Chinese consumers as part of your marketing strategy, there’s without doubt the opportunity to reach those located elsewhere, such as in North America. So don’t forget to take this into consideration when creating your marketing strategy.



People use WeChat for almost everything!

Although WeChat can be compared to Facebook, it is in a lot of ways much different — and for the better too. Unlike Facebook, WeChat extends and integrates itself into our life through all the other features it offers!


  • Did you know that WeChat can be used for ordering food online? Not only that but users can write reviews about the food, send recommendations, and even track their food as its being delivered.
  • WeChat allows users the ability of sending online payment to play a game, split the bill at lunch or even hail a taxi for a ride home.
  • Whether its reading the news in the afternoon or tracking your footstep count for the day, are all features that users have access to.
  • Simply put, WeChat has become an integral part of everyday life for a huge portion of the Chinese population.



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