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Why WeChat?

With some 818 million monthly active users, 70 million of whom are located outside of China and about 1 million in Australia, WeChat is regarded by many as the most popular Chinese social network. As such, it also happens to be one of the most powerful social media marketing tools for businesses targeting Chinese consumers. For the still unfamiliar, WeChat is an app that is similar to Facebook, allowing users to do everything from chat to play games to send money, purchase products and even order food.


For marketers to capitalize on this, first they must get as many quality followers as possible and second, they must find a way to keep that audience engaged.

Subscription or Service Account?

What is WeChat Service Account?

WeChat service account is best for business and organization who want to access to advanced WeChat Official Account feature. Service account provides more APIs than subscription account and companies can build its own application, get inquiries and broadcast own promotion to followers. WeChat service account allow the account manager broadcast one message per Week.


The Benefits of WeChat Service Account
Service Account allows you to broadcast 4 messages per month. The broadcast message is displayed in line with the user’s personal contact. User can receive push notification and you can reply to any user message from time to time.

The design of the service account is using for providing services instead of message broadcast. If your goal is providing higher degree of functionality to your users through customized menu or offer integrated ecommerce inside the app, service account should be the one to consider

What’s WeChat Subscription Account

WeChat Subscription account is typically the most basic choice of the official accounts. It allows you to push frequent content to your followers. Account manager can broadcast one message per day. The account followers will see the update information in the subscription area.


The Benefits of WeChat Subscription Account
Compare to service account, subscription account allows sending out messages to followers much more frequently – once a day vs. once a week for service account. On the other hand, subscription accounts have much less integration options and advanced functionality that can be incorporated into service accounts.

One of the main disadvantages of subscription account is the way the messages are displayed: they will be grouped into one folder containing all the subscription accounts instead of being pushed to user’s session list. This means that a follower has to go into that folder to retrieve the delivered content. Your profile sits in a subscription account subfolder and your followers are not sent push notifications upon receiving a post from your account.

Generally speaking, if your marketing strategy revolves around pushing content to users, subscription account can be just what you need. WeChat subscription account is mostly use for the daily news and information broadcast.

WeChat Marketing Services


WeChat Mini Site
WeChat Mini Site have all the content you desire right in the palm of your customers and interact with them like never before.


WeChat Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)
WeChat Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are other WeChat accounts which are influential in their specific niche and which are willing to talk about a certain brand in exchange for money or other perks.  We have access to WeChat KOLs in both Australia and China.


Broadcast Message to Followers
We help company design the WeChat broadcast message. We have pretty innovative ways to get your WeChat followers to share the love of your brand with their friends.


WeChat Welcome Message
Every new follower will get the welcome message once they follow a brand’s account. You need to come up with a nice welcome message for your target customers.


WeChat Message Auto-Reply
Reply the users with pre-set message when they send message to brand’s account.


WeChat Keyword Auto-Reply
Brands can use “Keyword Auto-Reply” for some special activities, user survey, or the situations the brand need.


WeChat Membership & Direct Communication
We help convert followers into members by using WeChat membership functions. We help manage the customer relationship in a more personal and interactive way through collecting customer feedback, post-purchase communication and direct messaging with followers etc.


WeChat Interactive Menu
We help brands defined Interactive Menu. We help followers to know how to interact effectively with your WeChat account.


WeChat Location Search
Your WeChat followers can now find your locations right within the WeChat app. So whether you have stores or want to promote designation areas, we can do it all in WeChat for you.


WeChat Advertising
Verified WeChat Account is eligible for place advertisement in other related verified accounts with over 100,000 followers. Advertiser can target specific audience by gender, age and location. We help put advertisement in the China WeChat Official Accounts.

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