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Chinese PPC



In the Chinese Search Engine Market, Baidu holds over half of the market share. Today Baidu is more than just a search engine in China, it has developed into a large marketing system with a wide range of services and products, including Baidu pay-per-click (Baidu PPC) advertising, Baidu vertical channels and Baidu web analytics. It is essential to optimise your brand exposure on Baidu for your Chinese PPC campaign.


At the same time smaller search engines like Qihoo 360 (Haosou) and Sogou have grown rapidly in the last couple of years. Moreover,  Google CN is heading back to the Chinese market, which makes Chinese search engine landscape more dynamic. Alibaba’s own search engine for Tmall and Taobao has strong keyword bidding opportunities, thus plays an important role in the e-commerce market.


Having the right Chinese paid search optimisation strategy integrated with your Chinese SEO, knowing which Chinese Search Engines to advertise on, and the right budget allocation makes all the difference in your search ROI.


At Luxion, we help you to setup your Chinese PPC account and optimise your PPC account on major Chinese search engines, run Baidu PPC, Qihoo 360 – Haosou PPC, Sogou PPC, and Shenma (mobile search engine) PPC.