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China’s Golden Week Case Study Series: Tod’s

Now that we have gone through three of the Golden Week campaigns that were received with much positivity, let’s take a look at some that may have fallen short. After looking at Stuart Weitzman yesterday and seeing the less-than-ideal results from their followers, let’s look at a brand that fell into the same trap: Tod’s.


While readers and followers couldn’t say no to Tod’s brand ambassador Liu Shishi’s beautiful photos, there were definitely things that this brand could have done better with. For one, seeing as how just like Stuart Weitzman, they had forgotten to include the whereabouts of these products for travellers that wanted to buy from physical retail stores.



Despite this however, Tod’s was still able to amass a total of 17,163 page views and 572 likes, making their campaign one of the most popular on WeChat during Golden Week. All we can say is, although the online community adored their stunning campaign, if they had done things slightly differently, perhaps they could have also made just as large of an impact across their physical retail stores?