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British Airways launches heartfelt ‘Flying The Nest’ WeChat Campaign for Chinese students studying abroad

In the summer of 2016, British Airways enlisted the help of Ogilvy & Mather (advertising and PR marketing agency) to create a video campaign highlighting a growing group in China’s tourism market: students studying abroad and the family they leave behind.


  • The video, called ‘Flying the Nest’ features a Chinese student named Fangfang who has left her mother and father behind in Chengdu to study in London.
  • In the video, she lists everything she misses about home and says she is beginning to worry about whether her parents need her, as it’s common for the parent’s caregiver role to be passed onto the child once they reach a certain age in Chinese culture.


British Airlines however, aims to surprise her. With the carrier’s help, her parents are reunited with their daughter at a Chinese restaurant, where Fangfang’s mom brings her a homemade meal. ‘Flying the Nest’ concludes with a minute-long montage of Fangfang experiencing London’s local culture together with her parents, whether it be sightseeing, going to a traditional high tea, getting fitted for a hat and even going to the pub!


One issue that British Airways has noticed was that with students, when parents come to visit, they often find it to be stressful because of the language and cultural barrier. “They’ll write out a handwritten guide to give to their parents, and there is a lot of anxiety and stress involved”, says William Phillips, a consultant at Ogilvy & Mather. B


British Airlines however, solves this issue perfectly by providing a QR code at the end of the video that viewers are able to scan, to download an HTML5 guide via WeChat that shows travellers how to navigate a trip with British Airways, including:


  • What they should and should not bring
  • Airport signage translations
  • Immigration steps, and more!


Viewers also have the opportunity to contact British Airways on WeChat to personalise the guides and have them printed and sent to a loved one before they fly.


Source: Jing Daily

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