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Clinique uses retro mobile game to promote its ‘Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimiser’ product

An app that many of us will remember is the Nokia mobile phone game Snake. Though it may have had its heyday in the 1990s, Clinique (American skincare brand) has launched an interactive mobile campaign in which followers can relive the simple, yet addictive fun they had in the past!


Though not a drastic change, Clinque is able to utilise the retro-game based campaign to entice consumers to learn more about their ‘Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimiser’. The game is at its core the same game that we grew so fond of, however with a slight twist: players are prompted to navigate the 8-bit snake around the screen but Clinique has replaced the apples with dark spots.


  • The snake, which is made up of skintone squares, becomes longer and moves faster with each spot “removed,” and players can play to try to beat the score of fellow WeChat followers, or simply score more than 300 points and receive limited-edition samples of the product.


At the end of the game, players can see how they ranked. Alternatively, users can skip past the game entirely and opt to watch a video to learn more about Clinique’s corrector.


The number of mobile gamers in China is on a massive upswing, with the number of smartphone gamers reaching 365 million last year and still rising. Thus, gamification has been one of the top marketing strategies utilized by brands on WeChat, with some brands even creating original games for WeChat users.


In Clinique’s case, the Snake game encourages followers to keep coming back to the app to try to beat other players’ scores and share the game with friends, promoting the brand’s image in the process.


Source: Jing Daily

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