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How Nike used WeChat QR Codes to increase engagement at Sports Festival

An Introduction:


Founded in January 25 1964, Nike’s ‘swoosh’ has turned into one of the world’s most identifiable logos and, in just over 50 years, Nike has grown to be the industry’s largest sports and fitness company.


With their unparalleled success and branding in their industry, Nike remains the most dominant presence in footwear, apparel, equipment and sporting accessories, with revenue for Nike as high as $30.601 billion in 2015.


WeChat Strategy For Success:


Nike, another star of Chinese social media was fast to jump on the WeChat wagon. At the annual 2013 Nike Sports Festival in Shanghai, Nike introduced a game where attendees could scan various Nike WeChat QR Codes scattered around the arena to partake in a badge-collecting game.


  • Scanning codes gave users Nike+ fuel points and the opportunity to play hidden missions.
  • WeChat’s voice messaging function was also used to guide participants, creating an immersive experience
  • By combining WeChat with movement tracking technology, this provided fans with a fun and interactive way to win prizes, meet sports stars and access rich exclusive content on the Nike WeChat page.


The number of registered users grew from 1,256 on day 1 to a whopping 11,999 on day 4 as word spread, and engaged a total of 22,000 consumers over the course of the festival.


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