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How 2 young Chinese Internet celebrities are using their influence to sell Australian products

So what do they do?

Yoni and Joyce livestream through Chinese online shopping website Taobao, where they have the most fans tuning into their videos and the highest number of real time followers.


  • They spash their glamorous lives online, showing off their overseas trips, trendy outfits and fine food.
  • They recently just toured Australia with Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, to give their Chinese followers a taste of Australian products.



Why are they famous?


Despite being dubbed the Kardashians of China, they don’t think they are similar.

“Kardashians are more like entertainment, we are focused on merchandising and promotions,” the twins told news.com.au. “We want to showcase unique products to consumers”


  • According to the pair, the reason they are popular is because they are twins, with them commenting: “This is quite unique to our followers and this has attracted a lot of people.”
  • “We also show a lot of unique content. You need to have  interesting content to engage your followers,” they said.



Why showcase Australian products?


The twins Yoni and Joyce are passionate about taking their Aussie products back home to China. During their tour around their Australia, they were extremely excited to introduce their followers to the Australian lifestyle.


  • For them, the internet plays a major role in influencing consumers’ habits in China. Their followers are looking to them to “find new products that are going to help improve their lifestyle — and in Australia there are many.” they said.
  • The most shocking thing about Australia to their followers is the tap water. “People can drink the tap water in Australia so this is something that has surprised our followers,” the twins said.
  • “The Australian countryside is very green and healthy, and goes with Australia’s image for being a country that produces products that keep you healthy. We know this is important to our followers.”



People want the lifestyle they can’t get


A popular idea that the twins have adopted is that the cosmetics, food and clothes have been the most popular among their followers when they livestreamed their Australian trip.


  • One point they bring up to emphasise this is: “The middle class in China is growing very quickly and consumer habits are changing. We notice this back home, and thsi tour has been a great example of how Austrlaia is well placed to embrace the Chinese middle class.”
  • “For example we are seeing huge growth in the popularity of lifestyle products in China — products that help people have the lifestyles that they want, but sometimes can’t get. Now people are buying coffee and oatmeal and instant beverages from Australia — it isn’t just health and vitamin supplements anymore. These are products that people associate with the lifestyle they want. On this tour we saw a number of brands that are selling lifestyle products which our followers want to know about, whether it’s wine or active wear.”


What does this mean for the future?

In reality, this idea has merit and is one that the Chufei Churan twins have taken advantage of. By advertising Australian products to an audience that not only yearns for seeing the twins and their experiences, but also for the very ability to be able to glimpse at a life that they hold on a pedestal is a powerful combination, and one that will go on to earn both the twins and companies in Australia considerable notice for the foreseeable future.



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