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5 Strategies for growing your WeChat followers

Optimise Content


  • It is important to understand how WeChat users interact with the platform before sharing any type of content. One example of this is mobile optimisation. With over 639 million users accessing WeChat through their mobile device, brans should take this into account and act accordingly — in this case to ensure that all content shared is optimised for mobile.


  • Video-based content also tends to be highly engaging amongst Chinese consumers, so in turn by finding a way to incorporate that into content will be beneficial. Whether through integrating video campaigns or hosting live stream events, brands can often find a plethora of ways in which they can adapt their strategy and optimise it to increase appeal among Chinese consumers.





  • Gamification has had resounding success, with many businesses being successful with using things like quizzes, lucky draws, virtual scratch cards, as standalone campaigns or in conjunction with other marketing strategies, in order to appeal to the young people (primarily).


  • Basically, WeChat users already love to play games. And with the possibility of prizes from a lucky draw or a scratch card factoring in, the appeal is amplified. As such, brands that successfully incorporate gamification are able to draw in younger demographics.



O2O Marketing


  • Online to Offline marketing is a more straightforward tactic that has been growing in popularity among brands, and with Mother’s Day around the corner, luxury brands like Clarins and Hugo Boss are using it to its fullest.


  • O2O essentially focuses on using online strategies to bring consumers into physical stores, and in the case of Hugo Boss, they designed three special greeting cards that will be available for pick-up for customers who brought a gift for their mother. Offering something like a free gift for customers who come into a specific store or restaurant is a great way to leverage this tactic for your business.



Exclusive WeChat Deals


  • Another effective way to attract new WeChat followers while keeping your existing ones engaged is to offer exclusive deals, discounts, coupons and flash sales that are only available to your followers.


  • This is now made especially more viable now that WeChat has its own build-in payment system, making the entire process significantly more convenient.



Loyalty Programs


  • Keeping existing WeChat followers plugged in and engaged is easy when you add incentives to make it worth their while. Rewards or loyalty programs that provide members with the ability to earn points, accumulate rewards and redeem them for something of value will keep your audience coming back for more.


  • In fact, millions of users have already begun transitioning away from physical wallets to exclusively use WeChat for payments as well as virtual loyalty cards.



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