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China’s Golden Week Case Study Series: Coach

Coach’s Golden Week WeChat campaign was published three days before the official start of the holiday, and received a total of 25,591 views!



  • It included a detailed guide on how to give back to the brand’s loyal Chinese consumers for their generous support in the past.
  • Like Hugo Boss, Coach’s readers can collect a wide range of gifts depending on the locations (including domestic Chinese cities, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Sydney) they travel to.
  • In addition to this, each offering has a clear written guideline on how to use it, such as the amount of money they need to spend to achieve a gold card membership and what to do if the discount does not work.


So what makes this such a good campaign, and what can brands take from it? Coach provides their followers with not only an interactive gifting system, but also leads them through the experience, allowing them to focus on the holiday festivities and events. This promotes their brand while providing their fans with an immersive and rewarding experience.


Overall, this is something that brands should do more often: set out a system that doesn’t just give awareness to themselves, but also rewards their consumers and is set out in a way that leads your valuable consumers along the way.