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Giorgio Armani’s Chinese New Year Collection

To celebrate the 2018 Chinese New Year, Gorgio Armani released a new video to launch its Chinese New Year collection.


In the 17-second video, which can be found on the brand’s official WeChat and Weibo channels, two models showcase red outfits and accessories.


Giorgio Armani also created the hashtags #ArmaniExchange# and #AXCNYCollection#(#AX中国新年系列#) to promote the items, and signed up yuyuzhangzhou, an online influencer, to help raise awareness among Chinese consumers.  Giorgio Armani


Their collection was noticeably dominated with a focus on the color red, a symbol for good fortune and joy. Used alongside the year’s dog motif, Giorgio Armani manages to provide a collection that is not only culturally and festively appropriate, but also one that will appeal to dog lovers everywhere.


Source: SCMP