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Roger Dubuis Watchmaker Uses WeChat to Promote New Timepiece

‘Roger Dubuis and Pirelli launched a WeChat campaign in mid 2017, celebrating the release of their joint creation, the ‘Excalibur Spider Pirelli’. The watch, aside from having an exquisite craftsmanship evident in it’s design, also boasts a unique feature that separates it from just about any other watch users would find; it’s straps are made from the tyres from the same winning sportscars used by actual F1 cars..


Details about the Campaign

The campaign was done in sort of a game format. Participants of the campaign would take on the role of a journalist in a sort of game, attempting to discover more about the timepiece at a racing competition. They  were given three different clues, including the type of material used, the color, and the design. Their goal was to use the clues to ultimately ‘discover’ the Spider Pirelli Automatic Skeleton Orange timepiece.


Along the way, there would be questions (related to the timepiece, brand history, etc.), and users that answered these questions correctly would be rewarded with a gift kit. They were also encouraged to uncover a bonus clue by making appointments to visit the Roger Dubuis boutique offline.


How Roger Dubuis and Pirelli maximised the campaign’s potential

The collab between Roger Dubuis and Pirelli excited the Chinese fanbases of both. This crossover has helped broaden the consumer bases of the brands, encouraging collaboration with KOLs in the two respective fields. For example, Roger Dubuis worked with influential luxury car KOLs ‘Car Review’ and ‘Car Uncle’ to engage with the luxury community.


Furthermore, the campaign was promoted twice via official WeChat moment advertisements for maximum impact and exposure. The first post was just before the event, to peak curiosity and encourage clicks on the WeChat post. The second was about a week later, and led with an image of the product and a H5 post including a video with multiple call-to-action buttons encouraging participation.


The results

The main point that separated this particular WeChat campaign from most others was that it integrated masterful storytelling to make an impactful statement, while still achieving tangible results.


The campaign ran from May 29 to June 10, and generated up to 5 million impressions on WeChat, with the Roger Dubuis official account receiving thousands of followers.


Takeaways from this campaign

  • Incorporate key features of the product into storytelling
  • Choose unique KOLs that appeal to your followers to boost promotion
  • Have layers within a campaign, from awareness to action. Creating multiple mini-campaigns can also help.


Source: Jingdaily

Roger Dubuis WeChat Campaign

Roger Dubuis WeChat Campaign