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Two Popular WeChat Case Studies to start off 2018

Guerlain’s WeChat Gamification

To celebrate its latest lipstick, the KissKiss Matte collection, Guerlain partnered with a major player in duty-free shopping, Sunrise Duty-Free, to create a WeChat game. Within 10 days of its launch, the campaign attracted 18,582 page views and 10,000 players.


Bonhomme says, “a standard post is not enough anymore. Guerlain’s gamification campaign engaged their customers in unique ways. The original Tetris mini program raised awareness among the targeted group about the newly released collection and generated engagement.”




Burberry’s Traffic Campaign

The goal of Burberry’s mini-program is to drive traffic to retail stores while complimenting its in-store services. Users can make plans to visit specific stores at specific times, and supplement their accounts with important personal information. They can also chat one-on-one with an online customer service representative via this mini-program.


Bonhomme says, The brand made the mini-program a well-thought-out extension of their offline customer service. This WeChat customization service empowered the brand to efficiently collect customer data and drive to Burberry offline boutique.