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6 Ways Valentine’s Day was used by Luxury Brands to win over hearts of consumers

1. Cartier

From February 6 through Valentine’s Day, 150 specially designed “Pink Gold Bracelets” were launched and sold exclusively on We-Boutique. Cartier sent bellboys to deliver the first 88 orders, and the remaining 62 bracelets was to be delivered to their owners with flowers.

  • The brand’s friend, also one of the most influential Chinese celebrities on social media, Lu Han, reposted Cartier’s campaign information on Weibo, drawing a lot of attention from his fans.
  • The original Weibo post by Cartier was liked by almost 24,000 users and reposted more than 500,000 times. In 2016, Lu Han successfully helped the brand expand into the Chinese millennial market by launching the “Juste un Clou x Lu Han” series.
  • Cartier said the 150 bracelets were sold out within one week of their debut on We-Boutique.



2. Louis Vuitton

Hollywood actress Michelle Williams, who is about to compete for the “Best Supporting Actress” role in the upcoming Oscars, starred in Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign video to promote the Valentine-themed “Blossom” jewelry.


  • The collection was inspired by the monogram flower, which represents the elegance and femininity of women. Louis Vuitton has been promoting the products along with the video on Weibo and WeChat for the past week, attracting praise, particularly on Weibo.




3. Yoox.cn 

The Chinese site for the Italian luxury e-commerce giant Yoox collaborated with Beatrice Bongiasca, an Italian jewelry designer, to tailor a capsule collection themed “No Rice, No Love” in celebration of Valentine’s Day for its Chinese customers.


  • The collection features seven  items of jewelry, including bracelets and cufflinks for men.
  • Rice in Chinese culture symbolizes prosperity, happiness and a great life. Currently, the collection can only be purchased on Yoox’s China site.



4. Hilton Hotels and Resorts

The luxury hotelier has pushed out a series of events in different cities targeting Chinese customers during Valentine’s Day.


  • For example, the hotel in Shenzhen offers a private car service to pick up guests from their home to take them to the hotel for 5.20 RMB (roughly $0.76) if they plan to have a two-person buffet dinner at the hotel, which costs 888 RMB.
  • Hilton Chongqing has set up a professional photo studio outside of the hotel to shoot free photos for every couple coming to dine there.



5. Moleskine

The Italian luxury papermaker Moleskine targeted female Chinese consumers with its cute Line Friends x Moleskine Limited Edition Collection for Valentine’s Day.


  • From February 12-14, any customer who takes their significant other to spend more than 520 RMB (US$75) at any brick and mortar store will receive a special Valentine’s Day gift package worth 388 RMB (US$56). The brand also offers the promotion on its Tmall flagship store.



6. WeChat

Not a luxury brand, but a platform that many brands rely on, Tencent’s WeChat debuted its gold gift-exchange feature on Valentine’s Day.


  • Users with their real names verified by the app can purchase and receive gold, similarly to they way they can send red envelopes to each other.
  • The function is done in collaboration with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, from where the gold is being offered to buyers on WeChat.
  • Tencent sets a cap on the amount of gold people can buy at 1.314 grams per gold package on the Valentine’s Day, as the number of “1314” in China has a very romantic meaning which is “I will love you for the rest of my life.”




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