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Becoming a Detriment to your Own Brand, the 4 Biggest Mistakes that Marketers are making on WeChat!

1. Lack of targeting

Brands that enter China’s vast market with a one-size-fits-all approach will see far fewer conversions than brands that make the effort to craft content tailored to specific user groups.


  • Because China is a vast market with a dramatically varying consumer base from province to province, trying to appeal to everybody simply wouldn’t be effective.
  • Many brands that enter China’s vast market tend to try be a jack of all trades by appealing to as many types of consumers as possible. More often than not this leads to them becoming mediocre across the board and master of none.


As such, strive for quality not quantity, and make each communication count by implementing a targeted content strategy based on thoughtful customer segmentation.


2. Not leveraging owned influencers

With the drastic improvements in today’s level of connections, we can now identify the most active and influential members in a community faster than ever before.


  • For brands that can spare the money, there is really no reason not to take advantage of these opportunities that are now in our grasp.
  • Though top KOLS can charge thousands of dollars for one post, in a market where consumers are heavily swayed by peer recommendations, KOL endorsements are definitely worth their weight in gold.


Brands that make an effort to identify the right members will reap the benefits, be it increased sales, improved online/physical traffic, immensely bolstered brand image or customer loyalty.


3. Not using mobile e-commerce

By the end of 2015, Tencent reported that over 200 million users had bound a credit card to their WeChat wallet, a wallet they generously reached into during the Chinese New Year.


  • This resulted in transaction numbers on WeChat hitting 8 billion in just 4 days.
  • Putting this into perspective, that is more mobile transactions than PayPal generated in all of 2015.


The WeChat wallet will be the same wallet that customers will be virtually reaching into when they shop in a brand’s (e)store.


4. Not keeping an eye out on competitors

  • Marketers are often so focused on their own performance that the big picture is lost in the process. This makes it difficult for brands to keep track of trends and potential setbacks.
  • WeChat’s closed nature makes competitor monitoring even more challenging.


An official accounts monitoring solution such as CURIO EYE can allow marketers to monitor their own accounts, benchmark the competitors and track trends all from one dashboard.


  • Another advantage that arises from CURIO EYE is that brands can track the accounts of competitors and the components of their strategy, and how each component adds value and impact.
  • Being able to see what your competitors are doing is crucial to identify threats and opportunities, and by using CURIO EYE, marketers can more effectively examine the strengths and weaknesses of brands in the industry.



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