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How Chinese users used WeChat during CNY 2017


  • 290 million users took a trip this holiday season
  • Guangzhong, Beijing, Shenzeng were the most frequented areas
  • On January the 20th, migration users hit it’s peak followed by a steady decrease up until the 23rd
  • Hong Kong and Taiwan were the most visited destinations abroad, followed behind by USA, Japan and Macau
  • Travelling abroad without a wallet is becoming more prevalent, noticeably in South Korea


Red Packets

  • 46 billion Red Packets were exchanged during the Spring Festival holiday
  • The most exchanged were between Guangdong to Hunan
  • Typically the Red Packet exchange was most common between Male-to-Male, making up 32.4% of all exchanges
  • Guangdong users took the lead in sending and receiving Red Packets




Sticker Usage

  • Users born in the 90s made up 37% of sticker senders
  • Usage of the sticker feature is directly correlative of age; the older the user demographic, the less stickers sent




Video and Voice Calls

  • WeChat users made 2.1 billion minutes worth of calls
  • Male-to-Female calls make up 31% of all calls, followed by Female-to-Female at 29% and Female-to-Male at a close 26%
  • Unsurprisingly, Male-to-Male calls sit at a drastically lower percentage at only 14%





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