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WeChat Users Are 30% More Engaged Than Facebook Users

Average daily time spent

WeChat is used for more than four hours per day by one-third of its users, up from just 16.3% in 2015, according to a report out today from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and Penguin Intelligence.


  • Among its almost massive userbase, the average daily time spent in WeChat has gone up since 2016, now at 66 minutes.
  • At the last count, Facebook hogged 50 minutes of the day of its average user, indicating WeChat users are more engaged in the app as opposed to Facebook users.


WeChat’s growing influence


Being the most-used app in the nation, WeChat has an extensive degree of influence among peer groups and circles.


  • 45% of WeChat users in a survey now have more than 200 contacts – as opposed to just 10% of users a few years ago.
  • “Having already established a close network of friends, new WeChat contacts are increasingly just casual acquaintances” – particularly ones related to work and business, says the China Tech Insights report.
  • Not only are people connecting more through WeChat but are also messaging more using the app, with a 67% Year-over-Year growth in 2016.


User engagement, what do WeChat do differently?

Because of WeChat’s progressive rollout of new features in the past few years, the app has become applicable to every day life for everybody, be it office worker, philanthropist, fitness enthusiast, marketer, blogger and so on.


  • WeChat offers a plethora of fun and even helpful functions for all demographics, such as exchanging gaming rewards, making donations, managing a wealth fund, buying wine and even paying bills!
  • Uses also extend to the office with 82% of users have done office work or personal business on WeChat, including: coordinating tasks, transferring files, taking video calls, and making transactions using the cashless WeChat Pay system.
  • The app also offers a series of more unique but niche features including: Audi configuration, sending instructions to your butler, booking a karaoke session and even splitting the bill with a bill-splitter!


With all its functions, WeChat users are naturally generally more inclined to engage with the app on an active basis.


Surpassing Facebook in user engagement has been a milestone for WeChat and will be instrumental in paving the way for future breakthroughs. This should also encourage brands looking towards China to adopt WeChat into their marketing strategy as WeChat will only continue to grow even more dominant.



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