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Chimelong International Circus uses big screen marketing to bring in thousands of WeChat followers

The Chimelong International Circus or 长隆大马戏 for the Chinese, is allegedly China’s most famous circus. Though not an internationally-recognised brand, the manner in which they’ve managed to deal with long waiting times for the audience is quite impressive.


Due to the popularity of the circus, spectators need to come 2 hours before the show in order to get a front-row seat. However, as to maintain the spectators’ excitement, the circus staff members put their large screen to good use. The large screen initially asks spectators to use the shake function on WeChat to find their official account. Once the user follows their official account, that person’s WeChat profile picture is displayed on the large screen.


This method not only allows Chimelong to improve waiting conditions for their spectators (building trust and goodwill), but they are also able to rake in thousands of new WeChat followers every show, at virtually no cost!


Source: Sekkai Studio

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