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Coach’s 2013 Weibo campaign increased followers by 157%

An introduction:


Coach is a multinational luxury fashion company based in New York City and are considered one of the pioneers of the luxury industry. Founded in 1941 by Lillian and Miles Cahn, Coach has seen a steady growth, with a solid revenue of $4.24 billion as of 2016. With over a thousand stores and more than 17,200 employees, they have make impressive leaps in their industry and are not stopping anytime soon.


Coach is now a company valued at over $10 billion. Being one of the world’s leading fashion accessory brands, the company’s products target the affordable luxury business and include handbags, watches, footwear and apparel, among other things.


Weibo Strategy For Success:


Coach released a Weibo campaign in China called Coach Footprints back in 2013. The campaign encourages any of Coach’s Weibo page followers to provide their contact information for an opportunity to win a luggage tag, valued at RMB 500 ($82).


  • Coach randomly selected one lucky fan every day and posted the winners on the brand’s Weibo page.
  • Since the launch of the campaign in September to mid September, reposts increased by over 13 percent and user comments by 50 percent.
  • Fashionbi’s analytics showed that the brand’s followers increased by 157 percent (7,358 followers) in just five days.
  • The campaign was not only a great way for the brand to connect with their fans and followers, but also provided the brand with a way to create their own customer relationship management (CRM) system in China.


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