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Fendi asks Weibo followers to vote on favourite colours, increasing social media activity from followers by 536%

In 2013, the Italian luxury fashion brand Fendi recently launched an interactive campaign on Weibo, Fendi Play with Colors, featuring their latest handbag collection called “Crayons.” Fendi asked Weibo users to vote for their favorite color in the collection via the brand’s Weibo page. The campaign encouraged the brand’s followers to forward the campaign to their friends and to vote.


  • At the end of the campaign on Sept. 19, Fendi will give four participants a handbag from the new collection valued at RMB 1,500 ($245).
  • According to Fashionbi, a digital marketing optimization company, the post that asks followers their favorite color from the latest Fendi collection has generated 3,840 reposts and 1,495 comments in one week.
  • Another post during the campaign highlighted the color blue and generated 205 reposts and 66 comments, which reached 884,073 Weibo users.
  • Some of the campaign’s results indicate how important it is for Western brands to have a presence on Weibo and how simple it can be to start engaging. Since Fendi started its campaign on August 2, the brand’s activity increased by 44 percent.
  • What is most remarkable is that activity in terms of reposts increased by 536 percent—up to 4,547 reposts—in a little over three weeks. If you didn’t think the campaign was successful yet, let’s take a look at the number of followers: Fendi’s followers increased by 7,301 in just over three weeks, an increase of 255 percent. The average number of active followers was up 550 percent to 43 active followers per day.



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