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Givenchy uses Weibo star Mr Bags to promote product — 80 pieces reserved in 12 minutes

On Valentine’s Day earlier this year, Givenchy teamed up with Mr. Bags to create a pink leather bag called the Mini Horizon, which he made available on WeChat exclusively to his followers. Working together with his followers (nicknamed “Bagfans”), he managed to get all 80 pieces in the collection reserved, in just 12 minutes!


  • In a similar occurrence the month before, two mini bag styles he worked on with Strathberry sold out in just one minute on WeChat.


In an interview conducted earlier this year with Jing Daily, Mr. Bags provides his perspective on the collaboration with Givenchy:


How did you decide to do a Valentine’s Day partnership?


  • We collaborated with Dior on Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival in August), which was the first time a luxury brand sold handbags through WeChat.
  • Out of 200 limited-edition pink Lady Dior bags, Bagfans purchased more than 110 of them. That was when we realised that Bagfans actually had a need for beautiful bags during these very special days, and thus we came up with the idea for a Valentine’s Day collaboration.


What is the process of a collaboration with a luxury brand like? How much input do you have?


  • Well, it depends. Every collaboration is different. However, our team is now quite experienced after several huge collaborations, and we are able to give a lot of advice to luxury brands on how to develop a strategy to optimize Bagfans’ shopping experiences as well as how to meet Chinese customers’ needs. With Givenchy, we worked really well together.



Can you tell us more about Bagfans? What kinds of handbags are they looking for?


  • As for what they want in handbags, they are like most girls. They want bags that are great for different events and occasions. They want to have bags that can express their styles and personality. They want bags that are practical and versatile, but that doesn’t mean they want all of these characteristics in one bag. The kinds of bags that can bring them happiness—that’s what they are looking for in a handbag.


Do you expect to work with Givenchy in the future? Do you have other luxury brand collaborations lined up?


  • Of course. It was great working with the Givenchy team. There will absolutely be future collaborations.
  • To tell you the truth, Mr. Bags’ goal for this year is to not only provide good blog content for Bagfans, but also build an all-round experience for them, including offline events, such as Bagfan meetings, limited-edition bags exclusively for Bagfans, video content, games, and any other activity possible.


Source: Jing Daily

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