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International Watch Co. launches ‘The Most Stunning Moon’ campaign, generating almost 200 reposts

IWC, has created an innovative Weibo campaign that focuses on China’s Mid-Autumn Festival. The campaign, The Most Stunning Moon, is encouraging participants and Weibo followers to follow the brand’s Weibo page and share a photo of the moon with a caption.


  • The campaign lasted until September 19 with IWC selecting three winners with the most beautiful photo and caption to win a Mid-Autumn Festival surprise gift.
  • The campaign was a clever way for IWC to show that they care about Chinese customers and that the brand is aware of the different festivals and events that take place inside of China.


So just how receptive and engaging have the followers been with this campaign? Since IWC’s first post in mid-August, the campaign has generated 137 reposts and 41 comments, which is quite strong considering the total number of Weibo followers on IWC’s page is 39,694. Though IWC’s Weibo page is still new, it’s growing, according to Fashionbi’s analysis.


  • These three brands have used creative and fun techniques to encourage engagement on Weibo. No matter what type of brand you are, there is opportunity to create awareness in China.
  • There is no secret or recipe to success on Weibo, but it starts with activating a creative campaign that prompts uses to engage with brands. Give Chinese consumers a reason to start engaging with your brand, even if you don’t have a presence in China, and chances are they will start to pay attention to your products.


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