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Internet super star Papi Jian helps Jaeger Lecoultre reach Chinese millenials

In February earlier this year, Swiss watchmaker Jaeger LeCoultre created a stir online in China this week when it made a bold move to feature China’s number one internet celebrity Papi Jiang this year in a new advertising campaign posted on its Weibo and WeChat accounts.


  • Chinese internet blogging sensation Papi Jiang has attracted around 44 million fans and lucrative advertising contracts simply by filming sharp and comedic cultural critiques from her living room.


In a video promoting the brand’s Reverso watch, Papi shares her life philosophy — taking a more sober and professional approach than is often seen in her enthusiastic and humorous online rants (along with some professional styling).


Jaeger LeCoultre’s decision to hire the web star was a significant departure from traditional luxury marketing practices in China, surprising many. In China, when not opting for a major celebrity endorsement, brands would typically focus on fashion bloggers touting glamorous lifestyles with carefully curated (and heavily edited) images.


In contrast, Papi has more of a casual “girl next door” attitude, earning her massive following from sharp satirical videos that, although are usually lighthearted, can also critique serious societal issues, such as one video in which she talks about examples of rampant sexism in Chinese society.


Source: Jing Daily

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