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Longchamp the first Luxury brand to use WeChat Miniapps

On April 21, Longchamp set up two mini apps to celebrate its 70t anniversary. One functioning as an e-commerce platform while the other working as a city guide. The release of these heralded Longchamp as the first luxury brand in China to use WeChat’s mini apps.


The first mini app offers an online ordering and payment solution.


  • For example, a Chinese shopper can now scan a QR code—either online in a store or on an advertising poster—and be taken to the “Longchamp Customized Boutique shop” within the WeChat mobile app.
  • Once users are at the online shop, they can place their order and even customise their purchases within the app, selecting colours and other features of the Le Pliage Badges handbag.
  • Users can use WeChat payment to track their shipment.



The concept of the first mini-app, which offers an online ordering and payment solution, is overall straightforward focusing on increasing their footfall and digital presence through use of WeChat and e-commerce.

The second mini app that they released, named ‘ParisanING’, aims to highlight the importance of Paris in the brand’s history to Chinese fans. ‘ParisanING’ offers Chinese users the excitement and thrill of being in Paris without actually being there. By directing users to places in the city like French bakeries, florists, and art galleries, WeChat users are able to experience what it feels like to be in a new city, all without leaving the comfort of their own.

Source: Jing Daily

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