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Maybelline sells 10,000 lipsticks in China within two hours with KOLs and Live Streaming

In 2016, Maybelline was able to sell 10,000 lipstick products in China within two hours through leveraging the influence of celebrities and key opinion leaders.


  • They used the star power of Angelababy as well as army of internet KOLS to create buzz, but importantly gave local consumers a chance to participate in the frenzy.
  • On the video sharing app Meipai, Maybelline promoted a live internet stream of Angelababy and internet celebrities – known locally as “internet reds” – trying and choosing new lipstick products from Maybelline.
  • The show is called “Make it Happen”, and was loosely themed around the announcement that Angelababy would become the brand’s ambassador China.


As different celebrities discussed and tested out the new lipstick products, consumers could comment via a live message-board through live streaming platform Meipai. Using a ‘See now, Buy now’ approach, Maybelline was able to direct viewers to its Tmall site, where viewers of the live stream could purchase the products for themselves immediately.


  • Then to keep consumers engaged and interested, Maybeline created a special HTML5 page within their account, aggregating the VR experiences of participating celebrities and KOLs, who had used VR headsets to record their experiences – keeping all interest on the brand and Maybelline’s new products throughout the entire event.


Now that is how you sell a shedload of lipstick in just two hours in China.


Source: Social Brand Watch

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