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Montblanc Uses Interactive History Lesson In WeChat to teach followers about its legacy

Montblanc has taken the pen, a 20th-century writing utensil, to the digital world through its latest interactice WeChat campaign. The Swiss luxury maker provides users with their brand story, starting out with a short history lesson on art and ending with a showcase of its heritage collection.


Montblanc’s defining modern elegance and class shines through in the WeChat campaign, beginning with an envelope with handwritten Chinese stating, “Art can’t change the world, but it can change the way people think—and people can change the world.”


  • This is accompanied by a prompt at the bottom inviting users to “click to be transported to the 19th century.”
  • From there, fans are briefed about the Industrial Revolution and the art movements that resisted the mechanization of craftmanship and championed traditional creativity.
  • Fans can also click a tiny record player icon in the upper right corner to play suspenseful cinematic music.
  • At the end, users are invited to chose the red or black pen and then asked to share the app on WeChat.


This finale might be a useful exercise in market research for Montblanc, but the user doesn’t receive any payoff because there is no option in which to view what colour fellow users picked, aside from the comments section on the WeChat blog. However, for a short period, there was a chance for fans to win limited-edition leather gifts.


Source: Jing Daily

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