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How Montblanc used WeChat as a platform for Philantrophy

For over a decade, Montblanc has partnered with UNICEF to support the right of children in impoverished regions. This year on WeChat, as part of its philanthropic collaboration with UNICEF, German luxury brand Montblanc launched a campaign, called #PassItOn.


The interactive campaign was designed to utilise Moments to spread the spirit of philanthropy through encouraging its followers to share the campaign information with WeChat contacts.


  • Using brand ambassadors and key opinion leaders Gui Lunmei (Taiwanese actress) Feng Tang (popular Chinese author) and Shiliopo (an online fashion blogger), Montblanc was able to implement a virtual Moments page whereby followers could read Moments posted by the KOLs.
  • Montblanc would then invite followers to fill in the missing strokes of the character “love” to highlight the goal of the campaign: to spread love.


In the end, the brand strongly recommends that participants share this event with their friends – in the name of love.



Source: Jing Daily

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