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SK-II: Using WeChat to go from Online to Offline

Premium skincare brand SK-II recently launched a WeChat campaign inviting online customers to experience a “perfect PITERA” treatment in any of its stores in China.


  • Aiming to bridge the connection between online and offline, the treatment provides people with free skin tests and assists in designing a customised skincare plan through picking products that best suit their skin type.


Guiding online users to physical outlets has become increasingly important for luxury brands wishing to convert their online following into sales. In SK-II’s case, it also works in the opposite way as the brand also has an online boutique on WeChat. This allows promotion specialists to easily guide customers visiting one of SK-II’s physical stores to place their order on WeChat after offering them a free skin test.




The WeChat post that promotes this event has more than 100,000 views, outperforming most of the articles during the same period, with some of them even featuring Chinese high-profile celebrities.


Source: Luxury Society


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