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Uniqlo uses “Style Your Life” campaign to more than double their WeChat followers

Uniqlo understood quickly that China was a mobile dominated environment and having  very strong physical presence in the country with their numerous stores, allowed then to launch their “Style your life” campaign back in 2014.


  • This campaign worked via monitors in-store where people tried on outfits and then stood in front of the monitors equipped with cameras to take pictures of themselves in front of various featured backgrounds, such as New York, Tokyo or London just to name a few.
  • The machine would then send the photo to their WeChat account where one third of people shared it on their Moments.
  • Cleverly integrating on and off-line elements with key trends – selfies, international tourism and online sharing – gave Uniqlo a winning formula.


Adopted zealously by the Chinese audience, the brand’s followers grew from 400,000 in mid-2014 to 1 million at close six-months later. Uniqlo’s WeChat audience currently tops 2 million and Uniqlo state they saw a 30% increase in sales of key items during the campaign.


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