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Examining the Chinese Travel KOLs, valuable insight into who they are


Who are the Chinese Travel KOLs

Chinese Travel KOLs primarily consist of bloggers who effectively use a range of Chinese media to publish content about their travel experiences.


  • These are influencers that are knowledgeable in their niche and have the means (typically in the form of an impressive following on social media) to express their thoughts and a medium (social media platform) to get it out there.


With that being said, due to the increasing sophistication in today’s generation of Chinese consumers and the prominence of social media, users begun looking more and more towards these influencers on platforms like Weibo and WeChat for information, often giving travel bloggers the perfect opportunity to turn their blogging into a sustainable and often lucrative career.


Below we’ve presented a blogger who perfectly exemplifies what a good Chinese travel KOL is.


From a white collar to a blogger to an influencer

One individual who turned her blogging into a full time profession was Mei Li Shi Zu. Mei, who used to work as a white collar for one of the largest internet companies in Beijing, is now an esteemed opinion leader in the Chinese social media scene, boasting well over 580,000 followers on Weibo and averaging 15,000 views on each of her WeChat posts.


  • Mei mostly writes about luxury hotels, and specialises in luxury travel, sharing reviews of luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants with her followers.


Mei’s success with her followers is no doubt due to the standard that she holds herself up to in her content. Most, if not all of that she posts, delivers fully for anybody looking for a second opinion on a travel topic. With informative yet concise reviews, paired with stunning professional-quality images along with a personality that brings all her posts to life, Mei is a blogger that will undoubtedly make it to many people’s top 5 Chinese Travel KOLs.



From the interaction with fans, it is easy to see that some of her followers will be influenced by her advice: “If I have a chance, I’d love to go there for my honeymoon.” “I’ve saved this. I will stay in this hotel, when travelling to Japan later during the year”.



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